How to Choose the Perfect Air-con for Your Home

An air conditioner is one device that makes home-living comfortable during the hot nights of summer. It is a device that does not only cool down the temperature, but it can also improve the quality of air inside our homes. Selecting the best air-con which will perform these two main functions can make our house the perfect, comfortable, and healthy place to live.

When buying a new air conditioner, you must consider the durability of the device. For sure, you have no one to blame if your cooling device just could not work on one of those hot summer nights. It would surely be a long and lasting night. So when you buy and air-con asks for a professional idea on how to spot a durable brand. You will not only avoid a malfunctioning air-con, but you will also save on money.

Here are some of the considerations that you should be aware of when buying an air-con so you will ascertain its longevity, durability, and functionality.

remote controlCheck on the Energy Star

All of us want to protect our environment. And all of us want to save on money either. Air conditioners are one of the devices in our home that consumes a lot of power. Should you want an air-con that is energy-efficient, look for the energy star. It assures you that the air-con is energy –efficient.

The Type Matters

The two main kinds of air-cons can be classified as traditional HVAC or split air conditioner. The traditional type needs ductwork that passes through ceilings and walls. The split air type consists of a compressor outside and the air outlet inside.

Without the ductwork, the split air type is easier to install. It can also have one compressor with many air outlets inside.  The traditional HVAC usually can only service a single room.

The Size Is Important

You should know the dimension of the room where you will place the air-con. The dimension of the room determines the size of the air conditioner. All you have to do is present it to a store attendant, and he will tell you the appropriate cooling device for your room.

Go for Familiar Brands

Brands that have already established their reputation should be preferred over some untested new brands. You can also ask among your friends or read customer reviews. They can help choose the best brand out there.

compressorInstallment by a Professional

Do not go home until you set a schedule for the store attendant to install your air-con. Never attempt to install it yourself, or you are losing your right over a warranty. Only a licensed professional should install it. For your air-con to last for long, make it sure to be checked once a year.